The Collegiate Gourmand: Big Sandwich

Here is what I want consistently wherever I am, A BIG SANDWICH.  I miss the hoagies from back home. When I came to pitt I didn’t know what to expect out of the sandwich sector. One thing I knew for sure they had a sandwich shop, every college had one. I will let you know the criteria for my review of the big sandwich.

1.The bread- This I think is most important because if you have tough bread you better have the proportion of greasiness very high, yet if you have fresh bread you cannot beat it no matter what you have on it.

2.meat proportions- typically what I want on a sandwich is 20% ham/roast beef, 30% spicy (peperoni, Capicola), 30% salami/sopressata, 10% prosciutto, 10% corned beef/pastrami

3. Cheese- doesn’t matter whatever works

4. Toppings- Go crazy. This one place in Philly had a pepper spread that was delicious, tomatoes good, lettuce if not subway overdone good, hot and sweet peppers to taste I like them if the hot peppers don’t numb you taste buds, onions very very bad I hate onions they are too strong and you can’t taste the rest of the beautiful sandwich.


Here I find Campus deli I was not disappointed the first time I ordered from there because it was 2:00 and I was starving. What surprised me the first time was that they put Italian dressing with their greens. Now that was there cold cuts. To test again I ordered the Student and the senior. The student almost tasted like Chinese food with its chicken fingers and fries pepper jack cheese and Thousand Island dressing. I devoured it in seconds like always. It was warm and the fries and chicken were not greasy at all.  While the senior was disappointing by the amount of bread left after eating all the good stuff. After this satisfaction I thought I would go bold. So I ordered the largest sandwich The Mascot. I expected a hoagie but I got a sandwich this I did love I was set up like the student but with the added benefit of peperoni. This made a statement in my mind that Campus Deli is a small shop that does the little things right and stays consistent. I look forward to ordering more. Based on my scale of Big Sandwiches I give Campus Deli a 8 out of 10 Big Sandwiches. Would suggest anyone if they want a late night snack to order from them.                      



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I am a "nice" guy. Whom loves food.

One thought on “The Collegiate Gourmand: Big Sandwich

  1. This is awesome! I love food too, and you are a true inspiration to all food lovers. Thank you for doing what you do. Fight the good fight!

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