The Curious Case of the Soccer Star’s Salary


On 31st January 2013 (Transfer deadline day) one of the biggest named stars in soccer for the past 15 years David Beckham announced that he was to join Champions League contenders Paris Saint Germaine on a free transfer, in order to complete the twilight years of his career in some style. Beckham at the grand old age of 37 was a shock transfer simply because many feel that he has nothing more to give at the top level of the game. Obtaining the number 32 jersey number Beckham also announced that he would be donating his pay packet to a local Parisian children’s charity and instead opt for the French Ligue 1 minimum wage that would see him earn just €2000 a week.

Many have questioned the intent on Beckham’s behalf … is he doing this out of good will, is he avoiding the French tax regime, or is the whole thing just a publicity stunt. Funnily enough PSG manager Carlo Ancelotti ruled out a move for Beckham a few weeks before the transfer took place, and admitted once the deal was complete that he had nothing to do with it the whole ordeal. No one aside from the player and the club know what the real reason was for the deal, however one things for certain – PSG star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovich had a contrasting opinion in regards to the whole situation.

Following David Beckham’s announcement upon signing a five-month contract with PSG that he will donate his entire salary to a Parisian children’s charity, Zlatan Ibrahimovich has announced that he will donate all of his wages to himself.

“I heard Beckham’s decision and it made me think,” Ibrahimovic told reporters while on duty with the Swedish national team. “Who is most deserving of all of the money that I, Zlatan, am paid? The answer is Zlatan. The children of Paris are not leading Ligue 1 in goals this season. I am. I have 20 goals. The next best players have 12. Twelve! If anything, the children of Paris should be giving me even more money for having the privilege of being in the same city as my incredible quality. And so should David Beckham. Call it a Zlaritable donation.”

In other words once again Zlatan has proven to the world that he is the boss, and if ever a time comes when a Swedish man is eligible to become President of the United States of America, I shall be voting for him.

You don’t get bullshit with Zlatan – just common sense.

– Asgard over and out.


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