Goal Of The Week #1


So I finally decided to introduce a pretty remarkable new feature to The Sports Floor – It’s called ‘Goal Of The Week’. I don’t think I need to explain further.

Some may be thinking at this point “hmmm … Isn’t this just going to be a Messi/Ronaldo bandwagon?” The answer is no as you will see from the this week’s chosen winner, and I would just like to reassure everyone that you will be witnessing something special each weekend. It would be an extremely rare circumstance if I had to choose a player twice to claim this award.

This week’s pick was chosen from the 2nd tier competition in Europe, known as ‘The Europa League’ (basically teams that finish between numbers 4-6 in their countries domestic league) and features a majestic strike from an generally worldwide overlooked Belgian player (unless you follow the Premier League religiously) who goes by the name of Moussa Dembele. The attacking midfielder’s 89th minute strike put Spurs into the next round of the Europa League against French outfit Lyon – who are one of the most renowned teams in France.

But that’s enough chit chat – i’ll let you judge the quality of this strike for yourselves.

>>> Check out this great Fox Sports video – Dembele rescues Spurs against Lyon <<<


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