Workaholics Review: The Future Is Gnar



This will be my final installment of the Workaholics reviews until the new season picks back up. Let’s all collectively weep before beginning.

Grade: B

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Why I won’t be filling out a bracket next year


I had Marquette beating Davidson yesterday in my bracket. It wasn’t that important because I had Butler beating them next round, but I still wanted them to win the game. When the game got close at the end I found myself really rooting for the Golden Eagles, despite the fantastic game that a huge underdog Davidson was having. All of my friends and I except one cheered as Vander Blue made a layup with a second left to win the game. The other friend couldn’t believe that none of us were rooting for the underdog. Obviously, underdogs and upsets are what make the NCAA Tournament so special. And I started to realize that that is more important than my bracket after the Marquette game.

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Midwest Region Breakdown

Connecticut v Louisville

This is arguably the toughest region which Louisville Cardinals fans might be upset about considering their team earned the No. 1 overall seed. The top four seeds are dangerous and the region is filled with upset potential. Here’s a brief summation of the Midwest Region before you hit submit on your bracket.

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Tournament Challenge

We have made a group on for the sports floor that all of you should join. There will be plenty of brackets on there when all is said and done, so it will feel great to win. All you have to do is make an account on espn and fill out a bracket. Click join a group and search for “thesportsfloor” and you will find us. There will be plenty of bracket analysis coming soon from all of us. Good luck and go Billikens. 

Glamorously Average


The Brooklyn Nets made the strides to be one of the most popular teams in the NBA. They have Jay-Z as a owner, built a beautiful stadium, and sported a fashionable new look. No one seems to be paying attention though because of their lack of superstars. Regardless, the Nets are a playoff threat and all should be aware.

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Power Rankings: Sorry, Billikens


Power rankings is going to be a little different this week. There appears to be too much turnover between the teams. My rankings are supposed to rank the five teams with the best chance to win the national title, but after weeks of constant losses by top 10 teams, even that picture is unclear. So I am here to clear it up. Instead of ranking the top 5, the teams that I think are capable of winning it all are going to be listed here today. In no particular order…

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