Why I won’t be filling out a bracket next year


I had Marquette beating Davidson yesterday in my bracket. It wasn’t that important because I had Butler beating them next round, but I still wanted them to win the game. When the game got close at the end I found myself really rooting for the Golden Eagles, despite the fantastic game that a huge underdog Davidson was having. All of my friends and I except one cheered as Vander Blue made a layup with a second left to win the game. The other friend couldn’t believe that none of us were rooting for the underdog. Obviously, underdogs and upsets are what make the NCAA Tournament so special. And I started to realize that that is more important than my bracket after the Marquette game.

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East Region Preview, and My Other Big Picks


Indiana got a pretty great draw despite not being the number 1 overall seed. Miami is one of the weakest 2 seeds in my opinion, and other teams come in riding lows like Syracuse. I expect Indiana to roll through this region, but let’s take a look at some of the best storylines and possible matchups.

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Tournament Challenge


We have made a group on espn.com for the sports floor that all of you should join. There will be plenty of brackets on there when all is said and done, so it will feel great to win. All you have to do is make an account on espn and fill out a bracket. Click join a group and search for “thesportsfloor” and you will find us. There will be plenty of bracket analysis coming soon from all of us. Good luck and go Billikens. 

Power Rankings: Sorry, Billikens


Power rankings is going to be a little different this week. There appears to be too much turnover between the teams. My rankings are supposed to rank the five teams with the best chance to win the national title, but after weeks of constant losses by top 10 teams, even that picture is unclear. So I am here to clear it up. Instead of ranking the top 5, the teams that I think are capable of winning it all are going to be listed here today. In no particular order…

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Power Rankings: Kelly Olynyk is Ugly


The first week I did power rankings was the best day in college basketball in the entire season. I got to attend Pitt beating UCONN, then watched Florida blowout Mizzou, Louisville lose to Cuse in the final minute, Michigan State upend OSU by 3, and then end with possibly the best game of the season Butler beating Gonzaga. I watched all of these games without even changing the channel. It was quite honestly one of the best weekends I’ve had since I got to college. I was looking forward to more of that with all of the great matchups in the Big East and Big 10. But ESPN has not delivered. Since then their Gameday games have been horrible, including tomorrow’s game of Mizzou at Kentucky. Every Friday night I go on to ESPN to plan my day out around the basketball, and I am tired of seeing only one game I need to watch. FYI, Saturday’s is Georgetown at Syracuse.

As always, these rankings are based on how likely they are to win the national championship, not how they are playing right now. Let’s do it.

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Let’s Just Take a Second to Talk About: Akoo

In the dining hall, there are sets of two TVs hanging from the ceiling. The TV on the right shows music videos, the TV on the left shows ads and stupid games. These are all put on by a company called Akoo. I hate Akoo. I hate everything about it. First of all, they play rihanna like 40 times a day. They should know that half the students here are depressed enough from homework already. Most of them are there alone. Then they get even more sad when they sit down with their shitty hamburger with a side of cheerios. The last thing they need is “SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND” for 4 minutes. One time I heard diamonds, that rude boy song, and that hopeless place song ALL IN A ROW. Today I had a particularly unbelievable experience. On the left TV I see “Kanye Crest #dentalrappernames.” I hate everything about this. It isn’t even funny, and no one else would ever use this hashtag. It gets worse. Next thing I see is for the game “who sang it?” The lyrics they decided to pick were “Op op op op oppan gangnam style.”…I don’t even know what to say about this. I guess if you’re the type of person to say “Oh I know this one, that’s Psy! What a fun game!” then you are also the type of person to enjoy Akoo. Next screen? “Squid Rock #aquaticrappernames.” This isn’t even right! Kid rock isn’t a rapper! I am almost sad at this point. I’m sad that other people are in the same room viewing the same stupid screen. But this one was the worst: “Stew Chainz #comfortfoodrappernames.” WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. No one and I mean NO ONE will ever use this. If you come up with another comfort food rapper name I need to know about it right now. Akoo literally just makes me so angry that I needed to talk about it.

Power Rankings: Everyone’s losing!


Alright, clearly no one knows anything about college basketball, or what is going to happen. Indiana, Michigan, Kansas, Florida, Arizona, Louisville, and Ohio State all lost this past week. Duke only won by 2. There are still at least 10 teams that are in the national championship picture, which is incredible. Last year at this time, everyone was looking around, shrugging saying “Ok, Kentucky is going to win right?” There are so many beatable teams this year. And you know what? It’s so great. If we can get this many upsets in the regular season, just wait til March. While watching the Wisconsin game I thought that it was the best game of the season. A couple hours later, Jerian Grant scored 12 points in 50 seconds for Notre Dame, then beat Louisville in 5 overtimes. So now that is the best game of the year. And we aren’t even close to done….

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Power Rankings: Florida joins the gang


First of all, I’d like to celebrate my first victory of Power Rankings. I took some heat last week from friends for not ranking Duke in my top 5. My rationale was that the Blue Devils cannot seem to win without Ryan Kelly who is out indefinitely. Wednesday night Duke lost to Miami 90-63 just days after they were ranked first. Duke fans (like myself) shouldn’t fret too much. Kelly was still out and there’s a chance he comes back. Also, Seth Curry and Quinn Cook went a combined 1-22 from the field, which will absolutely never happen again. What Duke should be worrying about is how they could give up 90 POINTS TO MIAMI. If they can do that to an average ACC team, they will lose to some team before the Final Four. Duke is still good and deserve to be a top 15 team by the end of the season for sure, but I predict a trip to the sweet 16 and no more. Back to the Power Rankings. As always we are ranking based on which teams are most likely to win the championship.

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Superbowl Prop Bets

beyonceWe only have a few more days until Superbowl XLVII, which can only mean one thing: PROP BETS. For those of you who don’t know, props involve events that have to do with parts of the outcome of games (or events). For example you can bet on Ray Lewis to win the Superbowl MVP at 7/1 odds. Here’s where it gets fun, for the big game Vegas makes all sorts of crazy props, so I’m going to throw around a couple of my favorites. All lines courtesy of http://www.bovada.lv/.

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